Yesterday we took down the Christmas tree, with tree little helpers it was very effective and was over really fast, now I’m ready for spring… to soon?

Vi börjar redan närma oss tredje advent! Jag har knappt märkt av att vi är på väg mot jul efter all flytt och ordrar som måste slutföras discover this. Man har en föreställning att det ska vara stämningsfull musik och julstök hela december men för en som burit runt på flyttkartonger har känslan inte riktigt infunnit sig! Jag har iallafall fått upp adventsstjärnorna i fönstret. Dessutom har jag bokat in julklappstillverkning med barnen på söndag, dom ska få göra egna tvålar att ge bort till alla vuxna i julklapp, då borde julstämmningen infinna sig iallafall?

Today we’re moving our office from Textile Fashion Center in Boras to…Falkenberg! Since we’re moving there with the family we’ll also moving our head office. Of course we’ll still be present in the building and our moccasins we’ll be sold at Fashion gallery.

We’re still a part of Mode inc. and will be having a collaboration in the future.

This week I been hanging out with the Sandberg crew over at there head office. Got a lot inspiration for upcoming trends and of course, since we’re moving to a new apartment, inspiration for what to cover the walls with! I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the rooms will have Sandberg wall covers on them!

What an amazing weekend I’ve had! We were at A la London in Gothenburg and it has been two fantastic days. We were one of 80 designers and I’m so impressed with all the amazing creators that was a part of this fair. We want to thank the founders who did a great job and also all you nice visitors. We had so much fun meeting you who came by to look, buy or for a short chat.

Tro det eller ej, men julen närmar sig! I år kommer vi vara med på a la London design mässa i Göteborg. Vi är jätteglada att vara en av de utvalda för denna populära mässa! Välkomma den 19-20 November!

Hello world!

WE are having a showroom/pop-up store at Textile Fashion Center next to the front desk this week. I’m so thankful for all the positive reactions! This have given me straight and confidence to keep moving in the same direction that I’m going. I’m existed though, trying to keep up with everything else and at the same time been present as much as possible at the exhibition. We got our first retailer in Australia this week! More on that later. 

Thank you all that have stopped by for a chat or purchase, you are all gems!

Hacked By Prosox

Hacked By Prosox


GreetZ: Shade & Sxtz

Monochrome works for every occation! Weither you are taking a stroll in the park or attending a wedding, your mini will always look fabulous in a pair of FASHIONISTA. Since black and white goes with everything it’s super easy to match and looks adorable everytime.